How can I make a cake whilst washing up? This project began by looking at extreme timesaving and what it means when it ends up doing exactly the opposite of that. I took heavy influence from Chindogu and life hack videos.

Pre-blown bubblegum: For those with the burning desire to blow the perfect bubble but are lacking the ability to facilitate it. Avoid the social humiliation with this nifty gadget.

Big-hold colander: Ever find that straining food is dissipating time? This colander’s enlarged perforations will pave the way for speedy drainage.

Spa on-the-go glasses: For those with schedules too busy for ‘me-time’, these cucumber-holding glasses enable portable relaxation to take with you when going about your day.

Pop-up sandcastle: Created for those in a hurry, this Pop-up Sandcastle is the speedy alternative to quality time at the beach you’ve been waiting for.